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Contribute lets you find GitHub repos with suitable open issues in your language and topic preferences.
The contribute flow is a great way to create a footprint in open source and an impressive portfolio of contributions. It lets you find those places on GitHub where your skills and time would be best utilised.
Contribute page
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Contributing to Open Source
Quine Contribute is your home to build your experience in Open Source. The flow looks like this.
Explore repos
Head to the Contribute tab and select the languages and topics that interest you.
Based on your interests in a particular language or topics, Quine will recommend repos with a high concentration of good-first issues for you to solve!
Select the repo that interests you the most and click on View full details.

Understand the community
You'll then be taken to the Repo Details Page where you will be able to see a selection of issues and other useful statistics about the repo.

Pick your issues
Click on the Issues that you're most interested in and check them out on GitHub. If you want to tackle any of them read the README and CONTRIBUTING file and get started!

Submit a PR
Work on the issues you picked. When your PR is ready submit it on GitHub and address the maintainers' feedback.

Trend up the leaderboards
Once your PR is merged, your DevRank will be updated within 7 days. You'll see yourself trending up the leaderboards.
Apart from all the real-life benefits of having a strong contribution footprint, having a high DevRank in Quine can give you access to Quests.

Repo stats

Once you have clicked a specific repository, you can see how active a repo is through our Repo stats on the right side of the page. This section can help you make better decisions before contributing to a repo.
Repo detail page
Apart from the use cases above, the over-arching product goal of Contribute is to help you increase your DevRank. 📈