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Contribute has two complementary user journeys.

🛠 Contributors

It lets you find the repos with suitable open issues in your language and topic preferences.
The contribute flow is a great way to create a footprint in open source and an impressive portfolio of contributions. It lets you find those places on GitHub where your skills and time would be best utilised.
Apart from all the real-life benefits of having a strong contribution footprint, having a high DevRank in Quine can give you access to Quests.
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💗 Maintainers

The flow for maintainers is similar to a ProductHunt for GitHub repos.
It lets you broadcast your repos to the rest of the network in order to promote your repo, gather feedback, find new users, or invite other contributors to help you out.
Finding an audience for your GitHub repo is difficult, which is why the majority of GitHub repos end up being unmaintained. This flow is here to help you seed your first open source community.
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Apart from the use-cases above, the over-arching product goal of Contribute is to help you increase your DevRank. 📈