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Quests is a new product in Quine that allows you to be rewarded by contributing to open source 💸.
Quests is still in private beta, but starting on September 2023 we'll start exposing the first type of Quest in the product, under the tab Monetise.

⚔️ What are Quests?

Quests are paid contribution opportunities orchestrated by commercial open source organisations.
Specifically, Quests help companies put a price-tag to some of their open issues on GitHub. This is to incentivise contributors to take on some of those issues and get paid for them

🔑 Unlocking the Monetise page

🔒 In these early stages, the Monetise tab will be locked in the product.
We're working hard to make Quests & Monetise available to everyone 🧑‍🏭 We need to limit access in these initial phases while we make sure we can guarantee an excellent user experience for everyone.
There are two ways to unlock the Quests page,
How to achieve this?
You have a high DevRank globally and on a relevant active Quest.
Use Contribute to earn DevRank ⭐️
You have been whitelisted by us.
We have either invited you or you have filled out the Typeform in the page.