Quine Docs

Setting things up

How to start a quest on Quine? Zero to Hero.
To create quests in your GitHub organisation, you need to:
  • Open an organisation account. To do this, you have to talk to us
  • Authenticate with GitHub We request minimal org permissions, and we do not read your private repos. Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use.
  • Update your list of whitelisted members. They will be able to open quests with @quest-bot and have access to your admin dashboard. They will also be able to request a payments to your account.
  • Fund your account. To fund your account, go to your admin dashboard and click on the "Add funds" link.
  • Install @quest-bot on your GitHub organisation. Installation instructions can be found here.
  • Create your first Quest ⚔️ For detailed instructions see the workflow.