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Quests is a new product in Quine that allows you to be rewarded by contributing to open source 💸

⚔️ What are Quests?

Quests (https://quine.sh/quests) are paid contribution opportunities orchestrated by commercial open-source organisations.
Specifically, Quests helps companies put a price tag on some of their open issues on GitHub. This is to incentivise contributors to take on some of those issues and get paid for them.
In Quine, we offer different types of Quests for Creators and Solvers.
Creators Quests page

Package Quests for Creators

Creator quests are a new type of quest that intends to reward software developers for their creativity and ideas. In creator quests we (Quine) will prompt the community with a topic or a challenge. Your mission is to create a new repository that builds against that prompt or topic and submit it to Quine to gather community feedback.
Creator quests reward creativity and insight, and whether you can create something fresh and exciting that the community will love.
In summary…
Our Input
What you have to do
You win if...
A set of packages from partner organisations
New fresh repos that use those packages in clever ways!
The community loves your repo

📝 Issue Quests for Solvers

This Quest involves completing open-source issues that match your abilities based on your prior contributions. To earn the reward, you must submit a pull request (PR) to the assigned issues and respond to feedback from maintainers to get your PR merged. This Quest rewards how quickly you can fix an issue in an open-source codebase that you may not have previously contributed to.
In summary…
Our Input
What you have to do
You win if...
A set of issues in an open source repo
PRs that solve those issues
Your PR gets merged