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How to add users to the admin list?

To add someone to your admin list contact Quine at [email protected]


What are admins?
An admin is someone that has access to your organisation's admin dashboard on Quine and can (either via the dashboard or @quest-bot on GitHub):
① Call stash on a GitHub Issue to initiate a Quest.
② Reward Quests.
③ Abort Quests.
④ Request new funds to be added to an org account for rewarding Quests.
How to add someone to my admin list?
Adding someone to the admin list in your organisation is easy.
  • Make sure that the new admin has a regular Quine account. That is, that they signed up to https://quine.sh.
  • Send us an email to [email protected] with the GitHub username of your new admin.
  • The new admin should now have full @quest-bot privileges, including the ability to call stash, reward, and abort. They will also be able to add funds to your account.