🗝️Unlocking Solver Quests

🔒 In these early stages, the Quests > Solvers tab will be locked in the product by default. We're working hard to make Quests available to everyone 🧑‍🏭 We need to limit access in these initial phases while ensuring we can guarantee an excellent user experience for everyone.

Solver Quests are a special type of coding challenge that is only available to developers that have successfully unlocked this context and been invited to take part in a Solver Quest.

There are two main ways to unlock the Solver Quests page:

TipsOptionHow to achieve this?


You have a high DevRank globally and on specific languages and topics relevant to active Quests.

Use Contribute to earn DevRank by contributing to active open source projects on GitHub ⭐️ and/or Take part in Creator Quests and continue developing your project to gain stars on GitHub and increase your rank 📦


You have been whitelisted by invitation - either by us or by a partner organisation.

We have invited you specifically to take part in a Solver Quest based on an assessment of your prior experience.

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